Enjoy the Software that Ivao provides!

Download the different tools that Ivao offers to carry the simulation through the skies. Remember also that on this same page You can find the Ecuador Sector Files updated by our developers.

Ivao ATC Client

The Ivao ATC Client is a tool designed to air traffic controllers, with functionalities related to those of the reality. This tool allows drivers to air traffic locate in which position is the aircraft, what is its height, its speed and many other things.

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Ivao Pilot Client

The Ivao Pilot Client is a targeted tool for those Pilots who wish to be part of the pilot community in Ivao. This tool allows you to connect to a server with who will be able to contact the different control units air on the net, see meteorological information of its airports And many other things.

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Network Utilites

Within the network utilities provided by Ivao we can find libraries with large amounts of paintings from reality aircraft, a multi-layered interface to connect devices to the IVAO network through a single account, ATC training simulators and much more.

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